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NEWS: @TigerBayMusical @VikkiBebb cast for #Cardiff premiere and tour with @johnowenjones

Tiger Bay the Musical’s leading lady cast for Cardiff premiere and tour with John Owen-Jones01

Wales Millennium Centre is delighted to confirm that Welsh musical theatre graduate Vikki Bebb has been cast in a leading role in the Centre’s most significant production to date, Tiger Bay the Musical, created by a multi-award-winning team led by composer, Daf James, writer Michael Williams and director, Melly Still.

Following her outstanding performance during previews in Cape Town, Vikki from Abercynon, will join Musical legend John Owen-Jones to lead the cast for the world premiere in Cardiff. Vikki will play Rowena Pryddy, a shop girl from the Welsh Valleys, who journeys to the big city, finding love in her quest for a place in society.

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama alumna impressed the musical’s creative team and cast so much that her co-star and Broadway actor, John Owen-Jones has invited her to join him on his home coming tour, Bring Him Home: A Collection of Musical Favourites this June.

Vikki, aged 26, said: “It is an absolute honour to play Rowena for the world premiere of this new musical in Cardiff and performing with John on his tour is a fantastic opportunity. I went to Cape Town looking to learn as much as I could from the extremely talented people around me, and being cast for Cardiff is beyond anything I expected.”

Award-winning and record breaking West End and Broadway performer John Owen-Jones, said: “The Bring Him Home tour will travel throughout Wales so it would be rude not to take Vikki along with me and showcase her amazing talent to a home audience before we perform together again in November.”

The world premiere of Tiger Bay the Musical is on Wednesday 15 November 2017 at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.  Produced in association with Cape Town Opera, the musical takes us back to the early 1900s in old Butetown, the docklands and Cardiff city centre at an extraordinary turning point in history, when coal was king and the industry booming.

Vivien Care, Head of Musical Theatre, RWCMD said: “Vikki is a star in the making, a wonderful ambassador for our professional Musical Theatre training at Royal Welsh College and deserves her place on the Wales Millennium Centre stage. She wowed the crowds in Cape Town and we have no doubt she will do it again in Cardiff in November.”

The world premiere of Tiger Bay the Musical is on Wednesday 15 November 2017 at Wales Millennium Centre. Tickets are on sale now at www.tigerbaythemusical.com

The easiest way to get your PPI back @resolvercouk @MartinSLewis #MartinLewisMoneyShow

If you’ve ever had one of those cold calls about getting PPI back and have never had any loans or credit cards protected – this blog is not for you.

If you’ve had a loan or a credit card with PPI then maybe this blog is for you

About 20 years ago I bought a car on HP (Hire Purchase – Not Harry Potter). I was sold PPI on top because I was advised if I was made redundant, the payments on the car would be covered. Low and behold, I was made redundant – although technically my contract was renewed. I called the the HP provider, explained the circumstances only to be told – sorry, you can’t claim as your contract ended – and the PPI didn’t cover that eventuality.

At the time I was annoyed as you might imagine and just carried on with my life – struggled for a little while but just got on with it all.

I paid off the HP early and swore I’d never use HP again.

Fast forward a few years and when the PPI story broke I thought “hang on, I was mis-sold PPI” – couldn’t remember anything of who I had the HP with or nothing.

Fast forward a few more years whilst sorting and clearing old paperwork, I found an old bank statement with the name of the HP provider.  Did a quick google search and realised it had bought out. Didn’t really know what to do – maybe I could contact one of those companies that cold call….

No I didn’t and left it.

resolver-logo@2x-8173001a85befeb22856f5e095cc95794e9fc2f3e58e67bed3494406dd7ce0fbBringing things up to date a little, I watched Martin Lewis’ Money Show on ITV and he spoke about the deadline for PPI and an app called Resolver. One light bulb moment later and an hour going through the process on the Resolver website – and I didn’t think for a moment I’d get far.

Until then I had a letter in the post from the HP provider who stated they were investigating my claim. A few weeks later I had a phone call and had to explain to the guy on the other end who was investigating my PPI claim. That call ended with him explaining I’ll have a decision in the next few weeks.

If you’re ahead of the game here you’ll realise that claim was successful and I am now a lot better off than I was previously.

I’m not going to say how much or which HP provider, but after 19 years there was image_update_ab75d17e088926b2_1347994006_9j-4aaqskinterest on the PPI I had paid – meaning what I received was considerably more than I’d ever thought.

My advice here is, try the Resolver site – it’s easier than you think – and it costs you nothing – just your time.

If Martin Lewis is so happening to read this, thank you sir. Without your telly show I’d not have been any the wiser – and if you so happen to be in the locality, pop by, I’ll by you a drink – I’ve got spare cash now

Oh, and if you have complaints about other institutions – try Resolver, it could be the perfect way for you to contact those you need to.