…was when we had snow as bad as now.

I remember having to go down to Taffs Well Co-op & picking up loads of bread/milk/potatoes for the Old Age Pensioners that lived around us. It was something to do with the CB Radio as far as I remember.

That was the winter that local radio really came into it’s own – CBC as was (now Red Dragon) gave regular snow bulletins. I think it set the template for what local radio was to become in 90’s, and now that template belongs to community stations. Think it was after that time that I got the radio bug.

1987 was the next “bad” snow, then we had some in 1991 – I remember going into school with my hair wet (to style.. before mousse this was) , and by the time I’d got to school my hair had frozen.

I think though that this lot of snow/icey weather is the earliest we’ve had it in years – normally it snows in February/March – global warming anyone?  Just watch The Day After Tomorrow, you’ll see what I mean 😉

1982 - View from my old house
1982 - View from my old house

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