This week’s adrenalin packed show

Well okay, the title maybe slightly misleading, but I’ve had a bit of a mad week to say the least.

Went to see a telly programme get recorded at the CIA in Cardiff. It was a Welsh Talent Show, well, celebrating all kinds of Welsh Talent – and Alex Jones in her sparkly dress.

Plus we’ve had an epiphany of a week in that we went to Alton Towers, and suddenly found we LOVE the rides. This from me who was scared to go on the Waterchute in Porthcawl – well to be fair that was due to being on it once & they forgot to brake until the very end. That withstanding for the past 20 odd years, going to Alton Towers was always going to be a bit mad for me – why go there if you don’t go on the rides? Well.. true, but I did!
Went on;
Skyride, Air (photo with hand in front of face), Rapids (photo with hand in front of face), Flume (photo with head in front of my face), Duel, Gunpowder Barrells, Nemesis (with photo-finally), then onto Air (again, but with photo) & finally onto Rita-Queen of Speed (with a photo-woohoo!). Aside from the fact it was completely out of character, it was awesome. I’m now officially addicted! Who’s up for going next time?

Also, Take That went on sale yesterday – the tickets, not the full band. Were you successful? Err, I was – and I can’t wait. Surprising how much patience I had (aheam)
Music wise on today’s show:

Toploader-Dancing in the moonlight
Newton Faulkner-Dream catch me
Randy Crawford-Almaz
BillWithers & Grover Washington Jr-Just the two of us
Dana Dawson-3 is family
Martika-Toy Soldiers
Katy Brand (Perry)-Teenage Dream
Wet wet wet-Love is all around
Terence Trent D’Arby-Wishing well
Erasure-Blue Savanah
Paul Simon-You can call me al
Scouting for girls-She’s so lovely
Michael Jackson-Billie Jean
Alexander O Neal-Criticize
M People-Search for the hero
Gina g_Ohh ahh, just a little bit(In Da Car Answer)
Justin Bieber-Baby
Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle-Whole new world
Billy J Kramer-Do you want to know a secret
Clash-Rock the Casbah
Gabrielle-Out of reach

Back next week, same Bro place, same Bro channel 🙂


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