The CocaCola Advert-Holidays are coming…

So yes, the countdown Christmas is now officially begun… the Coke ad is on the telly!

But were you aware that the actual song that’s used is called “Wonderful Dream”?

It’s singer is a lady called Melanie Thornton and it was recorded back in 2000, and sadly in 2001 Melanie died in an accident.

The song was due to be used by Germany Coke, and with her family’s wishes, they were allowed to continue the ad campaign.

Now, nine years later, it’s an integral part of the countdown to Christmas. I mean, how many groups exist for “You know it’s nearly Christmas when the coke advert is on the telly”.

You have to give it to those Coke people, their marketing is spot on. First off, they give us a red Santa, and then they give us the soundtrack to the start of the season. What next? Diet Baby Jesus Coke? 🙂


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