No go show due to snow

View from Home - Note the tractor ploughing the road!

Another week, and another no show from me. Last week I was getting over a chest infection, and this week, I’m trapped at home with a good 10″ for company. Yes, you have to love the snow related innuendos don’t you.

Aside from not being able to get to Bro HQ in Barry, I’ve had two gigs canceled over the weekend due to the weather – it’s only a bit of snow mun 😉

Headed to my proper job this morning (Friday), and drove (slowly). It’s only 2 miles away from the house so most people would’ve wondered why I drove & not walked – well, I refer you to my previous “I’ve had a chest infection” comment.

Stayed in work for a few hours, not being able to do too much, but watch the snow fall, not thinking I suppose how easy it would be to get out later.

Left at 1pm – the car was swamped in snow. In 5 hours, must’ve had at least 6″ of snow over the car. That took about 10 cold minutes to clear, THEN the challenge of getting the car out of the car park onto the main road.

It’s on an incline & I managed to get so far up – then the car wouldn’t go any further. Luckily there was a guy on hand with a 4×4 & a shovel who dug up tracks up the road for me to get grip. I don’t know this guy’s name or nothing, but without him, I’d probably have left the car there & trudged home – coughing and spluttering all the way. Huge thanks to him – it kind of proves there are nice people out there.

Managed to slip & slide my way home – think my clutch is now now long for this world though, or the tyres 😉

The journey home took 30 minutes. Normally it’d take 5. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have taken the car, or driven it home – but needs must.

So here I am now, at home, having just sorted out the music for the show that I’m not on, in the morning. For those who’ll be making a short trek into a studio over the next few snow covered days – be safe.

It’s times like this you realise just how important your local radio station is – emphasis on the road local! I’ve been listening to a few stations over the past couple of days, and even one so called local station was talking about the weather in England. Now if they’d talked about it from the aspect of “the weather front coming in from the South East will affect us in the next day or so” – that’d be fine. It’s such a missed opportunity.

These days with more stations being automated or co-located due to financial issues, you’d think simple localness would be easier. I remember (oh dear, here we go) going back to 1982, listening to CBC (as was-now Red Dragon, soon to be Capital) and being completely enthralled by all the snow reports. That’s what made commercial radio great in the 80s & 90s – the ability to talk directly to their listener. What’s changed? Financial times are hard, yes the 80s were tough with all the unemployment, but the bar for commercial radio wasn’t really that high – as it got successful, the bar got raised as did the profit margins.

Not really sure how the hell I drifted (see what I did there) from snow to old school local radio, just a quick disclaimer though:~

Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of me and do not necessarily represent those of any organization I work for.

I’ve only got one more working day left of 2010 (Monday), here’s hoping I’m able to do some Christmas shopping, and more importantly, to get into Bro HQ and sort out my Christmas show! (Plus, if the Royal Mail/couriers could deliver my stuff that’d be fab too)


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