Nadolig Llawen

Ahh…it’s finally here… yes, that time of year we all love – when the shops are finally shut…

Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas

oh, plus it’s Christmas too 🙂

There’s nothing better than being on the radio today, I’ve only not been on, on a Christmas, once in the past 15 years or so – so good going huh.

Best Christmas has to be when I was a kid & had a BMX bike, and the worst Christmas, was when I had my appendix out.

Music wise today on the show:

Darkness-Christmastime(Don’t let the Bells end)
Andrew Gold-Never let her slip away
Gwen Stefani-Sweet Escape
Spice Girls-Christmas wrapping
Paul McCartney-Pipes of peace
Boyzone-All that I need
Robbie Williams-Angels
Simple Minds-Alive & kicking
Kate Winslet-What if
Beyonce-Crazy in love
Bryan Adams-Christmastime
Nicole Scherzinger-Poison
Cliff Richard-Mistletoe & wine
Wham-Last Christmas
Hayley Westenra & cast of Nativity-One night, one moment
Coldplay-Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Thanks for checking me out. Have a very happy & peaceful Christmas


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