A very cultured show

Not a bad week then.. unless your name is Andy Gray or Richard Keyes. The only problem I have with it all (well there are other issues granted), is that Richard Keyes commented in an interview that he thought “dark forces were at work here” –  so hang on, Lord Voldemort is now the same person as Rupert Murdoch? Harry Potter best not mess with 20th Century Fox in future then…

Then there was the first ever “Poetry Cul De Sac” an attempt by use to bring some culture onto the show… think we may just have pulled it off too 🙂

Not forgetting about Bride of the Week that’s coming soon to Bring the Noise!

Also we’ve got a bit of an apology to make… but we’ll do that on another posting! 🙂

Checking on the cinema news, looked at the film How do you know which stars Reese Witherspoon & Owen Wilson. Next week we’ll have Christian Bale & Mark Wahlberg talking about the Oscar nominated “The Fighter”

So on this week’s endless audible journey we encountered many a cracking tune… including:
Eddy Grant-Electric Avenue(Ringbang remix)
Pet Shop Boys-Always on my mind
Kenny Rogers-Ruby don’t take your love to town
Babybird-You’re gorgeous
Celine Dion-My heart will go on
Patrice Rushen-Forget me knots
Take That-The Flood
Boyzone-You needed me
Beatles-Can’t buy me love
Bryan Adams-Everything I do
Alanis Morrissette-Ironic
Bonnie Tyler-Holding out for a Hero
Beyonce/Jayz-Crazy in love
Paul McCartney-Jet
Tal Bachman-She’s so high
Ceelo Green-It’s okay
Rick Astley-Never gonna give you up
Buddy Holly-It doesn’t matter anymore
Scissors Sisters-I don’t feel like dancing
Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow-Shame

And we’ll do it all over again next weekend!


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