Learning some Welsh

Not only can you catch us on Saturday mornings, but we’re also on Tuesday evenings on the Welsh Show with Angs, and slowly but surely I’m learning some Welsh – slowly being the watch word.

If you’re learning a new language it often helps to know why things are with it – the structure of it.

And thanks to Helen in Aberdare, we understand things a little better now 🙂

The reason that Welsh is the other way round to English – or we all speak like Yoda is because it is such a very very old language.
Think of it this way – if it worked the way that English does and you were saying – “Look out for that great big hairy mammoth” – chances are that by the time you got to the end of the sentence it would have trampled you.
So older languages tend to have the pattern the other way round – “look out for that mammoth  great big hairy!”
Makes sense if you think about it
Diolch Helen!

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