Shining light in your dark tunnel of a Saturday

So the show on Saturday was quite a challenge. Couldn’t have our cinema bit with Emily Blunt… plus even worse – No facebook!

Well, we still managed to do quite a bit to get you started first time, first thing…

Talked about how I found loads of audio of me from 12 years ago and how it’s a bit like going through photo albums – check out my flares…

There was also the bit about Autotune. We’ve worked it out that 80% of what we listened to on the radio in the week had been autotuned. Rihanna, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, Jessie J, David Guetta & Florida ALL autotune. Can you imagine if back in the day the Beatles had used Autotune? Well, actually it might’ve made Ringo a singer… because he was rubbish as a drummer 😉

6 Nations weekend too – Wales V Scotland, and we’ve done quite well with the first weekend of predictions have made 2 out of 3 correct. If only Wales had beaten England it’d be a 100% hite rate. Here’s to the boys doing well today – 21-18 to Wales we reckon.

Valentines Day on Monday means it’s legalised stalking… woohoo… Okay, I’m a cynic I know, and here’s hoping you have plenty of cards etc. But for us, we have a plan – it’s a bit rubbish, but it’s the only plan we have… might report back to you next week on the show.

Musicwise another huge sounding show:

Ceeloo Green – Forget you
Starship – We built this city
Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to love
Republica – ready to go
Catatonia – Road rage
Eurythmics – Here comes the rain again
Eric Prydz – Niton
Boo Radleys – Wake up boo
Small Faces – Itchycoo park
Rihanna – Who’s that chick
Jam – Town called malice
Bryan Adams & Mel C – When you’re gone
Keane – Somewhere only we know
Barenaked Ladies – One week
Madonna – Borderline
Killers – Somebody told me
Bob Marley – Get up, stand up
Babybird – You’re gorgeous
Ceeloo Green – It’s okay
Whitney Houston – So emotional
Stevie Wonder – Uptight
September – Cry for you
Frankie goes to Hollywood – Two tribes
Mika – Relax
Pras/ODB/Mya – Ghetto Supastar
Razorlight – In the morning

All done & dusted till next Saturday at 8am – Have a good week!


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