Boyzone – 24th Feb 2011

I went to see the boyz back in 2008 in Cardiff after being a fan since the start (yes, I’ve been a poptart for a very long time!). Wasn’t sure about going this time because I felt that I’d seen them a their best & didn’t think they could better it.

Well, I admit I was wrong.

During the week, due to one person who shall remain nameless (for now at least), I became a bit curious – I had planned on seeing James Blunt but had sold the tickets due to not having any victim to go with… so curiosity got the better of me and I wondered if I could get a ticket for me. Well, yes was the answer and thanks to the way LiveNation sort their website I could also see where I would be sitting. And thanks to the amount of times I’ve been to the CIA for gigs I knew I’d have a good view. In my mind I thought I’d leave it till after dinner on the Thursday, if there were tickets still available, I’d get one.

There were, so I did.

Bear in mind I normally plan for gigs weeks in advance, this was quite a departure for me.

Got into the CIA, sat down & just played about with my phone (as you do), wondering who’d end up start next to me. This was answered about 20 minutes after. A woman start down and made a little bit of conversation with me about how cold it was outside, and that she was sorting out her stuff before the concert started. I didn’t really think much of it at this time. Ten minutes after I get a tap on my shoulder….

It was the nameless one… “what are you doing here…”? “Well..I just felt like it….”

Then the penny dropped like it had plunged from the top of the Eiffel Tower…

I’d been sat next to her mam… who I’d actually met and been talking to before….

“Hello directory enquiries…. can you find me a large hole to dive into….”

I felt…and still do…like a tool!

Well, anyways… aside from still being a bit freaked out about that – I mean, what are the odds? CIA holds about 6,000 people… what are the chances I’d end up NEXT to the nameless one and her mam? 🙂

I will take this opportunity now of apologizing publicly for being a dick! (Just for this occasion…okay!)

So the gig went off, and you know that feeling you get when you hear a song you know, and you realise something’s missing…. well, for most of the night I had that. It’s the first tour Boyzone have done since the death of Stephen Gately, and I could tell every vocal that Stephen once sang – it was okay without him, but you did feel the boyz missed him loads.

Another “highlight” of the concert for me, which kept me grinning all night – was the nameless one’s constant screaming for Shane… I think it’s fairly sfe to say she is the world’s biggest Boyzone fan… and “Shane’s Number One Fan” 🙂

Question is, would I see them again? Hmm.. that would depend on the cashflow at the time I suppose, but that aside, it’s a given that the Poptart has returned!
Boyzone Cardiff 2011


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