The Saturdays – 25th February 2011

So here was the first gig of 2011… well, of what I’d planned anyway (see the other blog of Boyzone!)

Seen the Saturdays first when they supported Girls Aloud back in 2008, and just fancied seeing them live – can’t remember why I hadn’t seen them on any of their other previous “headlining” tours – just fancied it this time.

It was all very slick & produced, as you’d expect – I suppose they are now the UK’s biggest girlband since Girls Aloud are doing other things. You can see though who’s got the better voices of the band, and this isn’t a criticism, but Frankie’s voice isn’t great… too whiny for me, sorry.

Oh, and Saturdays…thanks for putting that Rihanna “medley” into your set. I thought I’d got rid of my “What’s my name…oh nanaaa” phobia, but it’s right back into my head – thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

And before anyone asks…yes, I would see them again if the opportunity arose… are you now able to see that I am a poptart? ๐Ÿ™‚

After the gig (which finished quite early… 1010pm – did they have to be tucked up in bed so early? ), went around Cardiff – in the rain no less. And I’ve turned into my dad….

“What was she wearing there…she’ll catch her death mun”….. “Why don’t they wear a coat, it’s raining” – Just two comments from me… It was raining, and the girls were quite drunk (the ones in Cardiff city centre, not the Saturdays I’ll add)

I definitely need to head out into Cardiff on my own for a night out soon!

Check out the pics from the gig below
The Saturdays Cardiff 2011


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