Short working weeks and the new Lady Gaga song too

Not that we’re looking forward to Easter, but yes, with the next two weeks or so it brings short working weeks for us – can’t wait 🙂

No big events this week, although as we spoke last week, I’m off to see We Will Rock You AGAIN, at the Wales Millenium Centre tomorrow night. It’s the final performance too, wonder what surprises may lay in wait.

Talking on the show about comedians, and there’s been a survey about them. Well, actually FROM them.  One comedian quipped that “young audiences are often too busy texting to listen”

Which leads us onto our gripe of the week. On Twitter, where you’ll often find us ( What is it with people at gigs tweeting? I mean, celebs who go to see bands/live music, they’re always at it?I’ve been to loads of gigs this year so far and never ever get time once the gig’s started – so how are they managing it? Maybe they’re actually not that bothered… or maybe they’re in the VIP section not getting the full gig atmos.

Checked out the film Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, plus…

Played the new Lady gaga single, Judas. Topical much with Easter round the corner? So far online opinion is divided, but I reckon within a few weeks once we’re all used to it, it’ll either be awesome…or rubbish. Give it time isn’t it! 🙂

Musicwise today,

La roux-Bulletproof
T’Pau-China in your hand
Showaddywaddy-Under the moon of love
Eagle Eye Cherry-Save tonight
Dr Alban-It’s my life
It Bites-Calling all the heroes
Katy Perry & Kanye West-ET
Sheryl Crow-All I wanna do
Diana Ross & Supremes-You keep me hanging on
LMFAO-Party rock anthem
Tracy Chapman-Fast car
Vanilla Ice-Ice ice baby
Bryan Adams & Mel C-When you’re gone
Michael Buble-Haven’t met you yet
Status Quo-Whatever you want
Roxette-It must’ve been love
Wiz Khalifa-Back and Yellow
Dead or Alive-You spin me around
Gary Pucket-Young girl
Take That-Up all night
Lady gaga-Judas
Phil Collins-Two hearts
Adele-Feel my love

And there’s more of us during the week on


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