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So after saying I’ll blog about me seeing We Will Rock You (herein known as WWRY), just over two weeks have passed. Why has it taken me so long to write this? Have I had some kind of blogger’s block (painful), or just been a bit lazy? Well for one I’ve been busy, and for two I wanted to write a decent blog after I’d seen it – and I’ve just seen it again, so here’s the blog.

So yes, I’ve seen it twice during the Wales Millennium Centre run, and I’ve been blown away both times. For you to understand where I’m coming from, you need to know this; I’ve never been to see a musical.

Granted I’ve seen Mary Poppins about 250 times, and do love Moulin Rouge, and other musicals on film, but to go to the theater was something different for me, and the WMC at that too – it’s awesome.

I’ve been outside the WMC on many occasions in the past (see the pic? lol), but never been inside. It’s fab – simple as. Okay, there maybe other better theatre/venues – but for what I can tell – it’s great.

Anyway, back to WWRY. You can tell it’s written by Ben Elton – and some of the character quirks do mirror some of his previous work. Neil from the Young Ones=Pop. I won’t give anything away from the story, needless to say, when it was written 9 years ago, a lot of technology has advanced, so in that you can tell the script has been updated/evolved to remain current – very cleverly interwoven around the songs of Queen.

Now if you’ve never really been a Queen fan, then a night seeing WWRY is as likely as you wanted to go to the dentist and root canal surgery. But if you like Queen, or just a few songs, then it’s a fab night out. Myself, I’ve grown up listening to Queen. Partially the fault of my mam & dad, partially my own fault. I paid my parents back in fact by taking them to see WWRY when I first went. They both loved it; my mam, bless her, said she couldn’t really hear the dialogue… to which I asked had she thought about switching over her hearing aid to the loop system thing…. to this she said she swapped the aids over in her ear and that had helped… bless. My dad’s comment was more about “there’s a lot of people our age here…our age group loved Queen”. Now to fully understand his quote, you need to realise this – we went to a matinee performance, so people who worked, and were younger, were possibly in work at the time 🙂 Parents huh 🙂

So my love of Queen was induced partially by my dad. He bought a LP of the first Greatest Hits album – the black cover – from Woolies in Ponty, and got me to copy it onto tape to play in the car. Bearing in mind this was 1984. He was slightly gutted about the omission of Under Pressure – a song which took Queen another 7 years to put onto a Greatest Hits compilation.

It was from here on in (1984 on) that I developed my love for Queen – granted quite late in their career, but to be fair, I was only 11 so missed out on seeing Live Aid in Wembley and Queen’s gig in 86 at Wembley. But music wise I got all the albums, first on cassette, then moved over to CD. I listened to Innuendo about a dozen times when it was first released in February 1991. I also remember the night that Freddie Mercury died and where I was, and when the tribute concert was on… Pretty much my adult life has been marked by Queen songs in one way or another. So much so, my parents have said (not morbid this at all), that they either want Who wants to live forever, or Another one bites the dust played at their funeral. Morbid/funny buggers my parents huh – must be where I get it from 🙂

So WWRY; brilliant, just brilliant. Ben Elton’s script with Queen songs – what else could you need? Oh yes, I know, how about some fit looking cast? It certainly does help, and if they can sing as well – you’re in the money! Big shock for me was that Noel Sullivan (him of Hear’say) could really sing – I know that sounds very sarcastic, but it really did surprise me. Kind of ironic the subject matter of WWRY was about manufactured pop – Hear’say anyone…? Amanda Coutts on the first time I went as Saramouche has an amazing voice, so does Jenny Douglas (who was in the Dorothy thing on BBC). Rhydian was also fab in the first performance I saw (I think I’ve now seen him 4 times… starting to become an obsession of mine maybe?). I could go through the entire cast and just say how brill they were, but I won’t 😉 Needless to say I’ve now developed a slight crush on Amanda & Jenny… I’ve told you before, I’ve got a thing for quirky women… and one’s that can rock out? Well… wow!

Tonight was the last night of the Cardiff run, and I’m glad I’ve seen it again. yes there are some people who think I’m a big mad seeing all the gigs I see, but as I see it, I don’t go out spending £40 a weekend drinking like some people I know do. I’m not judging them (or you) about this, you do things you’re way, I do things mine. Gigs/Theatre are now probably my addiction lol, and yes, I’ll probably see more soon (theatre, because I’ve already got gigs lined up to see).

The only downside tonight were the people sat directly behind us. It was her birthday and her, and her friend were 5 sheets to the wind. You could smell the cheap alcopops. They didn’t seem to realise it wasn’t a gig, and that it was theatre – so you DON’T TALK WHEN THE ACTORS TALK. Even I know that much, and I’m quite new to this theatre lark. A few other people another row behind also didn’t make it back in, we presume they were asked to leave. If you pay money to see a show, you expect to see and hear it – not other people. just saying.

So now I am a theatre go-er. I’m already planning another musical visit – this time in London. Anyone fancy it? 🙂

Final words go to the great Freddie Mercury…

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality
Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see…

Might’ve been written over 30 years ago – but with the current virtual world so prevalent, it’s very current too.


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