Morning after the night before

So how’s the head this morning? Have a good party yesterday? Why, what happening yesterday?

As I’ve blogged already this week about the wedding, I’ll just bring you up to speed with what happened with today’s show.

Yes, we did speak a bit about the wedding. It might surprise you, but I am a sucker for a wedding..and single too. Although weddings also tend to depress me – go figure 🙂

My one abiding memory of the day actually came from the ITV montage at the end, and the song they used. It’s by Tom Baxter, it’s called Light me up, and if your getting married and wondering what song to have as your first dance you won’t go far wrong with it. We also snuck it onto the show just to prove how gorgeous it is. He’s been about since 2004 and hopefully this will be the push he needs to get the recognition he deserves. You will know another of his songs if your a Boyzone fan, as Better is one of his.

Also checked out Arthur with Russell Brand & Helen Mirren.

Music wise, aside from Tom Baxter 😉

Anastascia-Left outside alone
Jam-That’s entertainment
Eruption-I can’t stand the rain
Livin’ Joy-Dreamer
Sugar Ray-Every morning
Stranglers-Golden Brown
Rihanna-Come on
George Michael-Too funky
Roy Orbison-Pretty woman
Bruno Mars-Lazy Song
Cult-She sells sanctuary
Bandy & Monica-Boy is mine
Go West-We close our eyes
Bachman Turner Overdrive-You ain’t seen nothing yet
Republica-Ready to go
Katy Perry & Kanye West-ET
Simple Minds-Don’t you forget about me
Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout
Tom Baxter-Light me up
Four tops-Loco in Acapulco
Muse-Supermassive Black Hole

Back next weekend when it’s actually not a bank holiday… shame! 🙂


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