The start of something new

So the show today? Well, aside from football (FA Cup cock ups for the flags, and Cardiff City promotion play-off hopes), what else did we talk about?

Of course there was Eurovision. Can Blue win for the UK? Of course they can’t. It’s a well known fact that most countries, if not all, in Europe don’t like us… I blame Simon Cowell. In fact, Cowell could the reason why the UK don’t win – thanks to Ireland & Jedward. Will Lipstick win? Hmm, it’s second favourite.. so, maybe that and the fact all the Jedwardians in the UK will vote for them…?

So this week I’ve taken a good look at myself, and realised I need to slim down.. a fair bit. I won’t go into exactly how much I want to lose, but needless to say, I’ve come up with an idea to keep myself motivated (and I want to go back to Alton Towers later in the year too lol). Let’s say I start at 100, and each week I’ll let you know how much I’ve lost. The 100 means nothing, it’s just an idea for me to give you an idea of where I’m at. Maybe by next week I’ll be to 96? I’ll let you know.

On the cinema bit, we had R-Patz & Reese Witherspoon talking about Water for Elephants. And as a bonus on Friday Live with Steve & the team (Fridays, 10am-12pm), you’ll also get a sneak peak about the cinema bit!

Musicwise today;
James Blunt-1973
Kool & the gang-Celebration
Hues Corporation-Rock the Boat
Bitty McClean-It keeps rainin’
Run DMC V Jason Nevins-It’s like that
David Bowie-Let’s dance
Dionne Bromfield-Yeah right
Rolling Stones-I can’t get no
Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull-On the floor
Manic Street Preachers-Design for life
M People-Search for the hero
Queen-Another one bites the dust
Lily Allen-Smile
Tom Robinson Band-2468
Ub40-Kingston Town
Take That-Happy now
Belinda Carlisle-Heaven is a place on earth
Supremes-You can’t hurry love
Arctic Monkeys-Flouorescent Adolescent
Maxi Priest-Wild World
Liberty X-Just a little
Blind Melon-No rain

Back next weekend, 8am on Bro Radio, or during the week check out all our happens at


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