Manic Saturday

Okay, here comes a major confession about today’s show… I can’t remember much about it. Mainly due to the excitement I currently feel for me seeing my boys the Manics tonight in Cardiff (photos to follow no doubt). I know I played Everlasting at the end of the show, but musicwise that’s about it. I feel like such a tool šŸ™‚

Although I do remember bits, like for example we had Nick Frost talking about his latest film, Attack the Block and as promised from last week’s show (Seven days is such a long time I know), I started on 100, and now weightwise, I’m on 95. Remember it’s not kg/lb (or stone for that matter) it’s just a measuring device to share with you how much weight I’ve lost/not lost. Good so far.. but you just have to take it a week at a time, I realise that. Feels good though.

And that was the show… I’m sure I played some cracking songs… and I promise now to be back next week and back on form for this blog.

In the meantime, go check us out @

Have a good one! More importantly tonight, have a Manic one šŸ˜‰


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