Tweeted by a legend – This week’s show!

So on the show this week, all the usual bits n bobs. Talked to Paul Giamatti about the film Win Win, and also looked ahead to the biggest football game in Europe tonight, Man U V Barca. Billed as the richest game, but after their previous encounter, will it be billed as the most boring game. Tickets by the way were about £280… I could see Take That 6 times for that!

So in twitterland yesterday I got tweeted by a legend, and it’s football related too – not Robbie Savage-not allowed to tweet him now due to the ongoing court action. I got tweeted by…

Colleen Rooney

She said something about being out & not drinking pints, prefering vodka. So I just had to tweet back… “You mean pints of vodka”… to which she replied “Don’t be so stupid” – Made my day lol! And I genuinly didn’t want to offend or take the mick (I know… for a change), so if she is reading this… sorry 🙂

Think that’s my new challenge for every week to be tweeted by a celeb.. lol

The healthy eating thing is going so good, but this maybe due to the stressful week I’ve had – funerals & Manic Street Preacher gigs not exactly a good reason, but last week I was 95… this week 101… after starting on 100 2 weeks ago. We’ll wait & wonder for next week.

The Manics were stunningly awesome! You’ve possibly seen the photos already, if not click here – James, Nicky & Sean were on top form!

Music on the show:
Keane-Everybody’s changing
Tiffany-I think we’re alone now
Boney M-Rivers of Babylon
George Micahel-Freedom 90
Robert Palmer-Mercy mercy me/I want you
Pet Shop Boys-West end girls
LMFAO-Party rock anthem
The Knack-My Sharona
Wilson Picket-In the midnight hour
Ceelo Green-Bright light bigger city
N Trance-Set you free
Alexander o Neil-Criticize
Example-Won’t go quietly
Chairman of the board-Give me just a little more time
Cathy Dennis-Touch Me
Jennifer Lopez-On the floor
Human League-Don’t you want me
Beatles-Ticket to ride
KT Tunstall-Black horse & cherry tree
Michael Jackson-Wanna be startin something
Kelly Clarkson-Since you been gone

Now, if you read that and thought “hmmm.. just how can I listen to this show?” Well, all you need to do is be up bright & early on Saturday mornings 8am BST and check us out on Bring the Noise


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