REVIEW: @footlooseuktour @thecentre #Cardiff

First off, before I go anywhere with this review/blog I’d just like it known I’ve never seen Footloose the film. I know it starred Kevin Bacon back in 1984 and had some idea of the plot but that’s as far as my experience of it went. In fact, on one school trip they started playing the video of the film on the bus, but it was switched off about 15 minutes in after they realised it was a 15, and we were 13 or 14. My school = #fail! 🙂

So aside from not really knowing the film, I knew the main songs from the film – Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a hero (also used in Short Circuit 2), Deniece Williams’ Let’s hear it for the boy, and of course the mainstay of any half decent Saturday night DJ – Kenny Loggins and the title track, Footloose.

So what has this little backstory got to do with the current tour of Footloose heading around the UK? Well, I just needed you to realise that this blog would be as impartial as anyone could be. Okay, so what if this is only the second musical I’ve now seen (first one – We Will Rock You, which I went to twice!), so okay, my knowledge of musical theatre maybe lacking, but I know a good music and a good night out when I see one.

From the very start (which I’ll not mention here [SPOILERS]) through to each scene, the acoustics of the Donald Gordon Theatre were spot on for the mix. I’ve always been one for the technical aspects of any production (yes, I’m a geek, and proud) and it was faultless as you’d expect. If I have to turn to the actual performance, that too can’t be praised enough. As with films, you expect yourself to be immersed in the story and you in turn fall for the characters and want them to succeed, it’s the same with musical theatre. Okay, so there are the “baddies” and obviously you don’t want THEM to succeed, but you get my drift. A good story teller will make you believe in anything, and as I’ve said I’ve never seen the film, so whether it happens in the film as it did on stage, I’m not to know. It’s a positive thing I believe because now I can make my own mind up whether what I’ve seen tonight will be better than what was put onto film back in 1984 (and is also being remade and out later this year!).

So if this was a review, and not just a blog post, how would I rate what I’ve seen? Out of 10, probably a 9. I’m not being paid to say these words either but if you want really good night out  you won’t go far wrong with Footloose. For the ladies there’s firemen and semi naked guys…for the blokes there’s fit women… and also for other blokes there’s firemen and seminaked guys…. 😉

If you’re still not sure here’s the actual synopsis from the website

FOOTLOOSE explodes onto the stage with classic 80s anthems including Holding Out For A Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear It For The Boy, and of course the title track, Footloose.

Life in small-town Bomont is peaceful until City boy, Ren, arrives. Breaking every taboo, Ren brings dance back to the heart of a town held back by the memory of a tragedy.

Based on the hit 80s movie (which launched the careers of Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Lithgow), FOOTLOOSE has become a stage musical phenomenon. From Broadway to the West End and touring across the UK, there is just no stopping the music.

It’s simple pure 80’s style power pop for the new millennium – and it just works really well!

Footloose is on at Wales Millennium Centre until Saturday 11th June, then heads to Bristol’s Hippodrome


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