REVIEW: Lord of the Dance @thecentre 6/3/12

So another night out and another new experience, seeing Lord of the Dance at Wales Millenium Centre.

Now I’ve seen & heard of Michael Flatley and his dancing skills, and this show, of course, created by him after leaving Riverdance back in the mid 90s. Lord of the Dance has been around since 1996 and originally envisaged by Flatlety as a show for arena’s and not theatre.

How to review such a show when “it’s just dancing isn’t it”. Well, it’s not just dancing, there are themes running through the show. Characters and their parts bringing to life emotion through dance, music, and song.

From the very moment darkness falls at the start, and the sound fills the audoritium, you know you’re going on a musical journey watching some of the best dancers in the world. Now apparently, according to the WMC, they’ve said there were 15,000 steps during the course of the night. Well, not one for wanting to duck from the challenge, I had a go… and I’d like to apologise now to the WMC for the chalk marks on the back of stalls row T, seat 8.

Without giving too much away, one special moment for the blokes is when the troop of 11 female dancers, suddenly strip to a black bra and pants..and continue dancing. My female friend did wonder why this way, and was slightly disappointed that the male troop that came on stage for the next part also didn’t lose any of their attire.

An excellent production worthy of it’s title, Lord of the Dance, and it’s at the Wales Millenium Centre till this Sunday (11th March) so see it whilst you have the chance.


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