News: Further details about #Epilog which is part of @FOVCardiff #FOVCardiff

Further details of ‘Epilog’ have been released today – including the names of the artists who will be performing in this special one-off show, which forms part of Festival of Voice 2018.

Based on a forthcoming compilation album curated by record collector and radio producer Dyl Mei, Epilog (New Theatre, Friday 15 June) will be a unique opportunity to relive a golden period in the history of Welsh language pop music.

The 70s and 80s in Wales saw a unique phenomenon establish itself as the predominant collective musical voice of the era – the rock opera. Based often on Welsh folklore and, in many cases, ‘The Mabinogi’, these rock operas brought together members from the biggest Welsh language bands of the era in a collective spirit of pushing boundaries using joyful choruses, heartbreaking ballads and incredible narratives. All these rock-operas became successful albums and TV productions in their own right and have continued to be performed in schools and at amateur local level ever since.

Epilog will bring together original cast members from various rock-operas who remain iconic figures in Welsh pop history, for the first time for a special one night celebration of the songs.

Folk-pop band Ac Eraill will make an extremely rare appearance together on stage since they split up in the late 70s, along with female pop sensations Sidan who last appeared on the stage in the the 80s. Now a famous actress, Gillian Elisa will make a rare singing appearance on stage. Joining them will be Meic StevensHeather JonesCleif HarpwoodDelwyn Sion and Tecwyn Ifan, with more to be announced.



Cyhoeddwyd manylion pellach ynglŷn ag ‘Epilog’ heddiw – gan gynnwys enwau’r artistiaid bydd yn perfformio’n y sioe arbennig ac unigryw hon, fel rhan o Ŵyl y Llais 2018.

Yn seiliedig ar gasgliad newydd wedi’i guradu gan y casglwr recordiau a chynhyrchydd radio Dyl Mei, bydd Epilog (New Theatre, Gwener 15 Mehefin) yn gyfle unigryw i ail-fyw rhai o ganeuon yr oes aur hon yn hanes canu pop Cymraeg.

Bydd Epilog yn aduno cantorion gwreiddiol yr operâu roc am y tro cyntaf ers blynyddoedd. Bellach yn enwau adnabyddus ym myd cerddoriaeth Cymraeg byddan nhw’n dod at ei gilydd am un noson arbennig.

Bydd y grŵp gwerin Ac Eraill yn gwneud ymddangosiad prin iawn ar lwyfan ers iddynt chwalu yn y 70au hwyr, ynghyd a Sidan yn ymddangos ar lwyfan am y tro cyntaf ers diwedd yr 80au. Bydd yr actores adnabyddus, Gillian Elisa yn camu ar lwyfan i ganu rhai o ganeuon yr opera roc Melltith ar y Nyth. Yn ymuno â nhw bydd Meic StevensCleif HarpwoodDelwyn Sion a Tecwyn Ifan gyda thon arall o enwau yn cael ei chyhoeddi maes o law.


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