Birthday Party

Don’t just make It A Happy Birthday. Make It A Special Birthday
You know, it’s surprising how often a birthday party disco ends up being just like another night down the pub for you and your family and friends.

Why is that do you think? 
It could well be that the DJ you’ve hired just treats it like another night down the pub and makes no effort to make the birthday boy/girl the centre of attention. The one size fits all aproach might make the DJ’s life easier, but it does nothing to make it memorable for you and your family and friends. If you had seen us at a few of our functions, one of the things you would probably notice is that we treat each night as a one-off. No two performances are the same, even our playlist changes constantly. Of course you would more than likely hear Dancing Queen more than a few times, that can’t be avoided, but each party we perform for stands on it’s own, the one size fits all method simply doesn’t apply to us.

So Mr DJ, What Exactly Are You Offering?
Well, put simply, our aim is to make yours or your loved one’s birthday one that will be remembered for years to come.

Yes I know you’ve probably heard that one before, however we have a few added options that are especially designed for birthday celebrations…

Party pack
A “When You Were Born” presentation pack – including news stories from the year of birth in question, what music sold the most in that year and other famous people celebrating the same birthday

When you’re organising a childrens’ party and you’re looking for an appropriate kids disco service to keep the guests occupied, it’s tempting to see the disco entertainment as something that will keep the little darlings out of your hair for a couple of hours.
However, why not look at it as a way to increase the cool factor in their eyes.

Understanding how kids think is a major part of successful entertaining, and you don’t need a psychology degree to get into their headspace.

At a kids party, all they really want is the chance to let off steam with their mates. Give them the chance to make a ton of noise, get them doing some ridiculous stuff and play some good music and it’ll be a winner every time!

Kids Party Package
Depending on the age of the children involved, we have two distinct disco packages. Each differ in very fundamental ways as a 9 year old will want very different things from their party than a 15 year old.

That may seem a very obvious thing to say, but many DJs treat all kids parties as one and the same – big mistake!

IMPORTANT: We try not to deal with parties for children under the age of 8 years old. This is extremely specialised entertainment and a disco is probably not an appropriate type of party to be having.

Kids disco (8-11)
the main focus of our 8-11 kids disco package is interactivity.

You’re guaranteed an energetic and enthusiastic kids party when we’re around.
2 hours of brilliant chart and party music
Games, contests and audience participation
Fun prizes upon request and subject to additional charges — contact for details
We don’t normally supply prizes as we feel that you have a much better understanding of the guests you’re inviting than we do and you’re likely to have good knowledge of their likes and dislikes.

Our goal is to get everyone, kids and adults, totally involved in the party and work tirelessly to see that you all go home buzzing!

Kids Disco (12-15)
For older kids and teenagers, it’s less about games and doing silly stuff, and more about the music.

I’m sure you know that by the time children get to 12 and above, they like to be seen as cool and hate being patronised.

Keeping them occupied and switched on is simply a case of playing some damb good music and interacting with them in a more grown up way.

This package contains:
3 hours of great chart, dance, party and R & B music
Spot prizes upon request and subject to additional charges
Older kids are a little more sophisticated when it comes to the type of prizes they like to receive, a few sweets or glow sticks won’t impress them at all. Subsequently, we have to spend more money on getting the kind of prizes they’re likely to prefer — contact us for full details and extra charges.

Any party, regardless of the guests, DJ, venue or weather, is only as good as the selection of music available.

A DJ could have the best stage presence in the business and the most up-to-date sound system and jaw dropping lighting effects, but if he/she plays Eminem and 50 Cent all night at an 80th birthday party, it’s highly unlikely to be a raving success.

Getting the mix of music spot on for your function is almost an art form, it certainly isn’t science.

But it’s one of the major factors in making sure a party will be remembered for all the right reasons, and the overriding reason why quality DJs command higher fees than your average, stick it in the corner DJ..

It’s Bigger Than Huge
When you book us to perform at your event, you will have a massive selection of music to choose from, covering all styles and to suit all ages.

50’s, 60’s, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Motown, 70’s, 80’s, Disco, Party, Cheese, 90’s, 00’s, Dance, Chart, R & B

If there’s something you want find, just contact us and there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have the track anyway.

Music Lists to compile for your big night
There are three separate lists you can compile…

“Must Play” – These are tracks that you really do want playing above anything else. Due to time constraints on the night of your function, we allow you ten “Must Play” tracks, this will ensure that enough time is available to get them played.

“Play If Possible” – This list gives you chance to pick tracks that you’d quite like to hear but wouldn’t grumble if they weren’t played. To be honest, most people tend to put tried and tested party favourites in this list so they’ll more than likely get played in any case.

“Do Not Play” – it’s surprising how popular this list is. As the name suggests, you put all those tracks that you really don’t want to hear in this list.

Maybe a particular track is associated with something that will upset someone. Maybe certain tracks might be deemed offensive by some guests. Alternatively, the track could just be so bad that it makes you want to scream

Whatever the reason, the “Do Not Play” list is there to be used.

A friendly piece of advice…
Don’t put a song in the “Do Not Play” list simply because you don’t like it — your guests might ask for it if it’s a party favourite, and we hate disappointing people.

If, in the unlikely event we do not have a song you really do want, we can either arrange to purchase it before the event, or you can bring it along on the night if you have it yourself. If you require us to go and purchase a track, we will need plenty of notice to ensure that it is available.