New research on the use of personal data in online advertising

New research on the use of personal data in online advertising New research, commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office and supported by Ofcom, today reveals people’s perceptions and attitudes towards the use of their personal data in online advertising. Advertising technology – known as “adtech” – refers to the different types of analytics and digital […]

News: Ofcom and news consumption in the UK

Ofcom has today published its 2018 News Consumption in the UK research report. This looks at the way adults and older children in the UK consume news across television, radio, print, social media, other internet sources and magazines. Today’s report follows qualitative research, published earlier this month, which explored people’s relationship with online news in an ‘always-on’ […]

Email Etiquette Tips

Be concise and to the point Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation Make it personal Use templates for frequently used responses Answer swiftly Do not attach unnecessary files Use proper structure & layout Do not overuse the high priority option Do not write in CAPITALS Don’t leave out […]