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What that means is…
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Credits (Thanks to)
Basically these people are to blame for what you see here and hear on the radio; mentions to (in no particular order)

Chris Moore (for being a small reason to why I’m where I am today!) / Phil Roberts & John Dash (for giving me that first break) / Mark Franklin (for not sacking me after the Big Breakfast incident) / Alan Ross (for having a laugh while I produced the Late Show) / Steve Austins (for getting me into the Manics plus an ILR station!) / Gary Weaver (Top sport journo and good presenter – oh the stories I could tell!!) / Charlie Power (for being Charlie Power – AGAIN… oh the stories I could tell) / Chris Blumer (for taking the piss with everything – nice work fella!) / Binda Singh (for the funny piece of radio ever – circa May 1999) / Kevin Thomas (for being one of the people that made me want to be what I am today – Alright La) / Steve Dutfield (for the free cinema pass to Odeon – then he left and it closed!) / Everyone at Valleys – From the time I started, till the time they closed it in April 2009. Also to my extended work family. / My first station (for giving me that impetus to leave to get to that better place) / Other stations I’ve been at since for making me into a better person & better presenter.

If I haven’t mentioned you, sorry. And if I’ve mentioned you, sorry! These are just some of the people I’ve come across during the past 25 years or so, and it doesn’t hurt to grease the wheels a bit too!