VIDEO: @katyperry and her new film

Katy Perry’s film is due out in July 2012, it a mix between concert highlights and behind-the-scenes footage, as well as clips from her personal life and childhood.

She premiered it in London just last week (June 7 2012) and popped along to watch it with unsuspecting fans

Having seen her three times now… the film looks good – and 3D too



Best of 2011 @example @coldplay @straightlines @CharleneSoraia @katyperry

Quite a few big songs out this year, and events to (Pippa Middleton’s arse remind you of a day in April maybe), so here’s some of our favourite tunes of the year.

Example – Changed the way you kiss me
Just something about this tune that makes you just wanna crank the volume right up, and when the bass kicks in on the bridge, you wanna bounce. Simple as.

I know Coldplay are marmite – you either love them, or hate them. I’m in the earlier category and having seen them live this year (gig of the year), it’s cemented my love for the band and this song itself just doesn’t seem to want to go away at the moment – maybe the first number one of 2012?

Charlene Soraira-Wherever you will go
Who’d have thought a cover version of The Calling and an advert for tea would bring us such an amazing song by Charlene. You can listen to this and just chill completely. Her album Moonchild is also just sublime

Katy Perry-Last friday night
It’s been a huge year for Mrs Brand. Twice in Cardiff (lucky girl) and this song/video is just one of the most fun tunes of the year. Watch for cameos from Hanson, Kenny G and Debbie Gibson

Rihanna-We found love
Does this woman actually rest? The video was the one that an Irish farmer stopped the filming of, due to Rihanna being in a state of undress…. The tune is pretty damn awesome, thanks to a certain Calvin Harris

Straight Lines-Set me on fire and feed me to the wolves
A strange choice for best of 2011? I’ve seen them several times, and they are just awesome. This is taken from the album “Persistence in the game”, and is one of those songs that’s best listened/watched live – the crowd conga..not mosh! 🙂

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Scary show? Nah… just me first thing in the morning

So catching up with a really busy week – seeing Katy Perry, James, going to Alton Towers, having a birthday.. we return and damn I’ve missed you sooo much 🙂

Halloween weekend saw us just doing all the usual things on the show, albeit with a scary twist – nope, just me looking this rough first thing in the morning.

Talked about Alton Towers and my eemmaayyzing day out – definitely wanna go back there… NOW – no, seriously, someone, take me now.Might share some of the photos of me on the rides too…. or not 😉

Hmmm okay… just the one then… of me on Oblivion. Second ride of the day…. and if I’m honest, it took the wind right out of me and gave me such a headache – not nice. But I soon got my third wind, went on Air, Nemesis, Rita, Sonic Spinball and Th13teen. And yes I do realise I look like I’m sleeping – trust me, I wasn’t.

Highlight of the week has to be the Angry Birds trailer for a film which sadly will never happen – check it out here if you’ve not seen it.

Musicwise today;
Timbaland feat Keri Hilson-Way I are
Meatloaf & Cher-Dead ringer for love
Backman & turner overdrive-You ain[t seen nothing yet
Source & Candi Staton-You got the love
Luther Vandross-Never too much
JLS & Tinie Tempah-Eyes wide shut
Nelly-Hot in here
U2-Angel of Harlem
Dappy-No regrets
Run DMC V Jason Nevins-It’s like that
Bryan Adams-Summer of 69
Paolo Nutini-10/10
Mud-Tiger feet
Lightening Seeds-Marvellous
James Morrison-I won’t let you go
Eurythmics-Sweet dreams
Jason Derulo-In my head
Nickelback-How you remind me
Katy Perry-Teenage dreams
Madness-It must be love
Melanie C-I turn to you

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REVIEW: @katyperry #cardiffdreams – 19/10/11

So for the 6000 odd people within Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, it was one of the sweetest Katy Perrysmelling gigs that Cardiff has seen, the return of Katy Perry and the return of the California Dreams tour.

The second date of her in the Welsh capital saw her perform another faultless set. The production wasn’t your usual “girl in front of a microphone singing and dancing”. The concept was extremely well put together and you could say it was more like a musical than a concert. The tale of Katy, losing Kitty Purry, and looking for her baker’s boy was the storyline, and I suppose it had it’s ideas from the likes of the Wizzard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. Still brilliant though.

Originally performed earlier this year and having seen that gig, I did wonder what else could be brought into set. Without giving too much away, the songs and the main part of each set (it’s broken into 5 (or maybe 6) sections, the order remains the same but same pieces were altered ever so slightly. Best part for me was the inclusion of a floating “cloud” which put her directly over the audience. The arena isn’t the biggest she’s performed at, and I know some people compare it to a school hall, but it’s small enough for an intimate venue with the size to get enough people from a small town inside – town population 6000.

Support from Oh Land gave the night a cracking start, with DJ

With an album that’s had 6 singles promoted, Teenage Dream the album lead was the track that after the initial backstory, exploded Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson onto stage. With an impressive back catalogue from just two successfull album she launched into Peacock, Last Friday night, and I kissed a girl to which she brought onto stage two guys from the audience who she’d gotten to take their shirts off. She wanted a “welsh boyfriend” – the first guy from Bristol, didn’t go down well.. in a banterish kind of way, so a second was sought. She teased her way around them during a Vegas style staging set before announcing for them to “get off the stage, my husband is here” – And no, Russell didn’t pop out on stage (that’s a first).

Other big moments during the night have to be acoustic version of Thinking of you-with floating cloud, Hot and Cold-with it’s many magical costume changes, Last Friday night, and Firework – with fireworks!

Oh, and if Katy is reading this. When you were on Xtra Factor on ITV2 at the weekend, you said “I don’t do other people’s songs” when asked what song would you perform as a contestant. Well, Mrs Brand, newsflash… I wanna dance with somebody was something of a big song for Whitney Houston in 1987, number one in fact…. epic fail Katheryn!

Found a great quote off Emily Mackay from NME gave it a positive review. She had said “And Perry, a pop survivor who dodged multiple career failures, a born trier, does. And if it doesn’t work, she tries it again. Harder. Aunty Katy will bat her eyelashes, she will jump up and down, she will pull a silly face. Then she will shower you with CONFETTI! And LASERS! And BEACHBALLS! And CLOWNS! And DANCING GINGERBREAD MEN! Until she sees you crack a giggle. And you won’t be able to help loving her.”

All told, one brilliant night…it went boom booom boooom.

“Teenage Dream”
“Hummingbird Heartbeat”
“Waking Up in Vegas”
“Ur So Gay”
“I Kissed a Girl”
“Circle the Drain”
“Who Am I Living For?”
“Not Like the Movies”
“The One That Got Away”
“Thinking of You”
“Hot n Cold”
“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”
“I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”
“California Gurls”

This is, the one and only…

…There’s no blog I’d rather be.

Ahh, another bank holiday weekend – and the weather’s rubbish! No change there then.

Good show today – no change there then 😉

No, actually we checked out a few important issues – like this China thing that means 100 songs have been “banned”. Hits by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Take That are among 100 songs placed on an internet blacklist by the Ministry of Culture in China. Music websites have been given until 15 September to remove the offending tracks, which are seen as harming ”national cultural security”. Those that fail to do so risk being prosecuted. The internet in China is tightly controlled, with content deemed inappropriate often blocked or removed. A notice posted on the ministry’s website said the 100 songs had not been submitted for official approval. Most of the banned songs are from Taiwan or Hong Kong, with several from Japan. Six tracks by Lady Gaga are banned. The list also includes a track by the Backstreet Boys which was released more than a decade ago. Maybe could we get Jedward banned? 😉

Quite impressed this week too, I’ve had tweets from some really nice celebs – including Andi Peters, Sarah Millican, and the legend that is Marcus Bentley – that’s the bloke who does the voiceovers for Big Brother. Am I sad to be so impressed?

90 minute lyric was “Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you” – Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams obviously 🙂

Checked out the new Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford film, Cowboys & Angels…Nooo… Cowboys & Aliens

Musically on our show today;

Shakira-Whenever whereever
Kool & the gang-Celebration
The Buggles-Video killed the radio star
Manic Street Preachers-You stole the sun
Puff Daddy & Faith Evans-I’ll be missing you
Midnight Oil-Beds are burning
Marc Antony & Pitbull-Rain over me
Simply Red-Sunrise
Olly Murs-Heart skips a beat
David Bowie-Let’s dance
Olive-You’re not alone
Fleetwood Mac-Everywhere
Justin Timberlake-Sexyback
Eruption-I can’t stand the rain
Mark Morrison-Return of the mack
Ceelo Green-I want you
Michael Jackson-Don’t stop
Kaiser Chiefs-Ruby
Paolo Nutini-10/10~
Chesney Hawkes-One and Only
Eurythmics-Sweet dreams
Coldplay-Every teardrop is a waterwall
Daniel Merriweather-Change

Two hours just goes too quickly. Don’t forget to check out for all the latest mucking about – plus keep an eye on this blog as it’s unique around these parts – no one else does a showblog – come on keep up everyone 😉