10 Stages of the #EdSheeran ticket frenzy

Demand for an Ed Sheeran ticket will be at an all time high, with him set to play massive gigs next year

So if you’re set on getting your hands on tickets, set your alarms, prepare your multiple devices and get ready to experience these 10 stages of emotions.


“She played the fiddle in an Irish band”


“Wait! what if I don’t get them?!”

Devices at the ready, cup of tea in hand and deep breaths.


Refresh, refresh, what time is it? OH GOD! Is my internet working? Why isn’t it working?!

*Calls friend* “Is your internet working?!


You’ve made it! GO! GO! GO!

Click like your life depended on it.


“Why is this taking so long? LOAD TICKETMASTER LOAD!”


“I’m NEVER buying from Ticketmaster AGAIN! That’s it. Over. Done”

“And breathe.”


That one Facebook notification that confirms that one of your friends has already secured their tickets – AND they’re the ones who ALSO GOT TICKETS TO HIS GIG.





“Verified by Visa is the bane of my life.”


One new email from Ticketmaster.

*Cut to posting your success on Facebook like it was no bother at all*

“Of course we got tickets.”

Tickets are now on sale from all usual outlets but before you buy, please check out their guidelines.

Good luck out there guys and may the odds be ever in your favour.


Cardiff’s Olympic transport system (road closure/buses/trains)

(Taken from Wales Online 18/7/12)
Details of road closures during Cardiff’s Olympic football matches have been released by Cardiff Council and South Wales Police.

Olympic football begins at the Millennium Stadium on Wednesday July 25, and there will be 11 matches across eight days with the last one being played on August 10.

For all Olympic matches there will be road closures in place around the Millennium Stadium. The following roads will be closed in their entirety:

Duke Street, Castle Street, High Street, St Mary Street, Caroline Street, Wood Street, Central Square, Westgate Street, Quay Street, Guildhall Place, Golate, Park Street, Havelock Street and Scott Road.

The following roads will be partially closed:

  • Kingsway – from its junction with North Road/Boulevard de Nantes to its junction with Duke Street.
  • Cowbridge Road East – from its junction with Cathedral Road to its junction with Westgate Street.
  • Tudor Street – from its junction with Clare Road to its junction with Wood Street.
  • Plantagenet St and Beauchamp Street – from their junctions with Despenser Place to their junctions with Tudor Street.

View Cardiff Olympic road closures in a larger map

Residents and traders will still be able to get access to Tudor Street, Plantagenet Street and Beauchamp Street.

The road closures will be put in place two and a half hours before the kick off for each match, and stay in place until at least an hour after the game ends. The closures will also affect bus services in the city centre. A full list of the alternations to Cardiff Bus services can be found on their website.

A new campaign, called “Get Ahead of the Games” has been launched to communicate directly with people travelling to matches.

The website and @GAOTG Twitter feed will give tips, travel information and advice on how to plan ahead and avoid congested areas.

Cardiff Council has also advised that the best way of travelling to and from Cardiff city centre for the football is using the park and ride services near junction 33 of the M4, which costs £10 per car.

The park and ride will include provisions for disabled passengers, with parking next to the bus pick-up point, and low-floored buses.

Cardiff Council said the site would open 30 minutes before the first bus, and close 30 minutes after the last bus leaves the city centre. The authority said ticket holders should allow 15 minutes walk from the drop-off point to the stadium, and a further 40 minutes to reach your allocated seat.

The timings for the road closures and park and ride information are:

  • July 25 – Great Britain v New Zealand and Camaroon v Brazil. First kick-off 4pm. Road closures begin at 1.30pm and end at 9.30pm. First bus from park and ride 10am, last bus from city centre 10.30pm.
  • July 26 – Brazil v Egypt. Kick-off 7.45pm. Road closures begins 5.15pm and end at 10.30pm. First bus from park and ride 10am, last bus from city centre 11.30pm
  • July 28 – New Zealand v Brazil and Great Britain v Cameroon. First kick- off 2.30pm. Road closures begin at 12noon and end at 8pm. First bus from park and ride 9.30am, last bus from city centre 9pm.
  • July 31 – Japan v South Africa. Kick-off 2.30pm. Road closures begin at 12noon and end at 5.15pm. First bus from park and ride 10am, last bus from city centre 6.30pm.
  • August 1 – Mexico v Switzerland and Great Britain v Uruguay. First kick-off 5pm. Road closures begin at 2.30pm and end at 10.30pm. First bus from park and ride 9.30am, last bus from city centre 11.30pm
  • August 3 – Quarter Final Women’s. Kick-off 5pm. Road closures begin at 2.30pm and end at 7.45pm. First bus from park and ride 10am, last bus from city centre 9pm.
  • August 4 – Quarter Final men’s. Kick-off 7.30pm. Road closures begin at 5pm and end at 10.15pm. First bus from park and ride 9.30am, last bus from city centre 11.30pm
  • August 10 – Bronze Medal playoff Men’s. Kick-off 7.45pm. Road closures begins at 5.15pm and end at 10.30pm. First bus from park and ride 9.30am, last bus from city centre 11.30pm

There will also be free coach parking on Edward VII Avenue, and secure parking for bikes in Sophia Gardens.

Cardiff’s cabinet member for highways, traffic and transport, Councillor Ralph Cook, said:

“Hosting the Olympics Games is a huge milestone in Cardiff’s history and we want to make sure the events hosted in the city run as smoothly as possible for both residents and visitors to the capital. The city has already proven time and time again how we have the right infrastructure in place to be a world class event venue.

“We have worked closely with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), The Millennium Stadium and South Wales Police to ensure everyone’s safety is the priority, this is why it is essential to have these road closures in place.

“Officers will meet with city centre businesses regarding deliveries and we will continue to communicate with residents via Capital Times, local press, the council website and the council’s Twitter feed regarding details for the Olympics.”

Arriva Trains Wales has also warned that city centre stations will be operating differently throughout the games at the Millennium Stadium.

Cardiff Queen Street station will be closed for an hour before kick off of each game at the Stadium, and in some instances will remain closed until the following morning. Details of the closures for each event day can be found here.

Bicycles will not be allowed on on Arriva Trains Wales trains in the lead up to, during and after the matches. Full details of these restrictions can be found here.

Millennium Stadium – Concert or event venue?

Millennium Stadium Paul McCartney So having seen Paul McCartney play last night and also seen quite a few concerts there over the past few years I’ve now come to agree with what my friend Tref’s says about the stadium – it’s a bit rubbish when it comes to gigs.

It does the infrastructure & support part brilliantly – 7 gates all around the stadium with the 3 different levels – just trying to Google how many actual flights of stairs there are (someone’s bound to know), but anyway, I digress.

For music, it just doesn’t cut it properly. You do get a great view wherever you are, but unless you’re within 20 rows of the stage, it’s not such a great place. Saying that, I’ve seen some outstanding performances there – Robbie, Take That. Killers, U2 (and now Paul McCartney) but unless it’s a big event kind of show – it just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe that’s what was wrong when i saw The Police there – just didn’t feel like an event – a concert, yes but not an event.

And comparing the Millennium Stadium to the CIA is doable – for music the CIA is fantastic – you’re never really that far from the artist, plus the acoustics are fine whereas sometimes in the stadium it tends to get lost in the mix (Macca’s soundmix was perfect though in saying that).

I’ll never slag the MS off because I sit in there & look up & it still takes my breath away 11 years since it was built – but it needs to be a special kind of concert/event for it to really come to life – rugby match maybe? Well.. there again the way Wales have played recently…