PHOTOS and VIDEO: @PalomaFaith @WestonbirtArb 19.6.2015

Photos from Paloma Faith at Westonbirt Arboretum 19th June 2015 here


REVIEW: @scouting4girls @westonbirtarb

Unlike previous blogs of gigs I’ve been to, this will be more like a review. Mainly because I’m not what you would call a hardcore “Wolfcub”, but I do like their music. The question that needs to be asked there is why go to see a gig and not be a big fan. Why not? Curiousity I suppose plays a big part, and the venue their played was another factor in wanting to see them.

If you’ve not been to Westonbirt Arboretum, it’s a little bit of lush 10 miles away from the M4 in Bath. Nicely sign posted, and you’ll find most satnavs get you there too!

So Scouting for Girls AND Westonbirt made for a nice trip down the M4 on the wrong side of the bridge (aheam 😉 – NB. Everything I write I tend to write with tongue firmly placed in my cheek)

Good support act – Soundgirl. In the Sugababes/Misteeq vein anyway. Maybe the girlband market is starting to get a little too crowded what with Saturdays, Parade, Ultragirls, and of course Sugababes coming back. So Soundgirl will have to be that extra sassy in what they do. They going about it the right way though with lots of support slots forthcoming (in between the girls finishing off their GCSE’s)

So to Scouting for Girls. As I’ve previously said, I’m not a huge huge fan – but you can’t fail to realise the popularity of the band and their music. Let’s just take the three main members of the group, Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard. All talented musicians, but without rock and roll names. Aside from Roy Wood, when was the last popstar called Roy? I refer you to a previous comment I made about my writing being placed firmy tongue in cheek.

They played all the hits, Famous, It’s not about you, Heartbeat, Elvis ain’t dead, and the number one This ain’t a love song. Not to mention of course as the encore, She’s so lovely.

Not to mention other great album tracks which I’d not heard previously, but the makeup of each song was such by halfway through I knew it. Is that such a bad thing for a pop song? Some great crowd pleasing moments from the band too, with I need a holiday being a big crowd favourite – together with 100+ beach balls, two of which smacked me in the face (Hello Claims Direct…..?).

Two new songs were performed too and they will feature of the repackaged Everybody wants to be on TV album. Check out It only rains in LA for the great crowd pleasing anthemic chorus. There was also the Cee-lo Green cover of Forget you which had everyone singing along to.

The weather in Westonbirt stayed dry (after a few dodgy weather days) so that helped a great deal too. Both Erasure and Simple Minds performed over the weekend, and in July Westlife, Bryan Ferry and Texas perform over a weekend.

Westonbirt may not be your favourite venue in the world for live music, but for bringing some cracking music for a cold June evening, you can’t say fairer, although the parking and getting out of the field can be a bit stressful.

So if you get chance to see music in Westonbirt, do it. Take a picnic, some foldable chairs and find a nice spot in the arena – or do what I did and be on the front barrier – whichever way you do it, it’s a great night, whatever the weather (having seen Keane in the rain there last year)

To conclude, I said from the start I wasn’t a huge fan and by using these exact words at this exact time here means I am now more of a fan than I was. Would I see SFG if they came back to Cardiff? Yes, I probably would. It’s catchy pop music, well performed by a very personable band, and if you think I’m wrong, you can ask the other 5000 odd screaming girls that were right there with me. Yes at times it was like watching a boyband with the volume of screaming, but SFG know how to entertain, even putting Pete to dress up as St Swithin. So after the success of that Easter number one, will they have a St swithin’s number one? Hmmm, we’ll find out soon I guess (if you’re confused about this last bit, you obviously weren’t there 😉 )

If the future is Scouting for Girls, the girl guides need better a better PR machine as these boys rocked out well to their Wolfcubs in Westonbirt Arboretum.