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Don’t mess with the Tutu

Just a quick posting tonight but thanks to my cousin Abbie for pointing out the obvious.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu IS Rafiki of the Lion King

Whatever you’re religion or belief you can’t fail to see the passion he has for South Africa holding the World Cup, but yes,

You do expect him to hold up a lion cub whilst Elton John plays on in the background.

8/7/07  Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa spoke at Miller Auditorium Tuesday evening. (John A. Lacko / Special to the Gazette) rafiki05
Rafiki of the Lion King                                      Archbishop Desmond Tutu

And the heading for this blog? Denise Laselle back in 1985….

Make some noise

So the World Cup is only a few days old, and controversy has already occurred.vuvuzela-167j

BBC gets 545 vuvuzela complaints
15 Jun 2010 14:33 BST

The BBC has received 545 complaints about the sound of vuvuzela horns during its World Cup coverage.
The corporation is considering showing coverage that cuts out the noise of vuvuzelas on its red button service.
On Monday, World Cup organisers ruled out a stadium ban on the plastic horns, which can reach 130 decibels, following complaints from players and fans.
Experts say it is impossible to cut out the horns without affecting commentary and crowd noise.
The BBC says it has already "taken steps to minimise the noise".
"If the vuvuzela continues to impact on audience enjoyment, we will look at what other options we can take to reduce the volume further," a spokeswoman said.
The BBC is considering cutting out some of the vuvuzela noise on the red button service but says a final decision has yet to be made.
On Monday, Trevor Cox, president of the Institute of Acoustics, told the BBC News website’s Magazine that vuvuzelas were tuned to a similar frequency to speech tones.
If broadcasters tuned out it would dampen the commentators’ voices, he said.
"It would sound really horrible to notch these out – if one coincides with the vowel sound e, you won’t be able to hear the -es in the commentary. It would sound unnatural," he said.


545 huh…  middle class football supporters with nothing better to do….   next thing they’ll complain about it the undue bias by the English commentators on England games.

Yes, it can be annoying, and I know recently at the Millennium Stadium there were a few there – to which my dad did say something along the lines of them “being somewhere that the sun don’t shine if they blew it in my ear all the game”.

But it’s the World Cup, and it’s in South Africa, and the vuvuzela is part of their game/culture.

But if the beeb & ITV do wish to utilize the red button to have alternative “non-vuvuzela” commentary, maybe they should go the whole hog & have a no commentary option anyway, it is possible, so why not do it.


And as a footnote to this blog…


I’ve bought a vuvuzela – and can’t wait to make some noiseeee! 😉

World Cup fixtures

world-cup-trophy If you’re one of these people who like to be organised, and you’ve not got your World Cup wall chart up yet – have no fear, here’s a link for you to be able to import all the World Cup games courtesy of Freeview.

Freeview World Cup 

As they say…

Because we know you’d be kicking the sofa for missing any kick of Switzerland v Honduras, we’ve put together a desktop calendar listing the important details of every match.

So that you know what time to watch what channel and why it’s worth tuning-in in the first place, follow the instructions to add the fixtures directly to your calendar. There’s also a useful pdf to print out and keep by the sofa!