Wedding Package

We can provide entertainment for many functions including birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, leaving do’s, Christmas parties & corporate/charity events.

You bring the equipment, we bring the noise!

Wedding costs are a major concern for most, as well they should be. How much to spend for food, gown and tux’s, location, photographer and, of course, entertainment.
All of these expenses can be reduced, but which ones should be and why?

If you get your food from McDonalds, you’ll never hear the end of it, but if you provide steak and lobster, how many will remember? Quite a few, for no other reason than it’s out of the ordinary. But if your having chicken, roast beef or fish (standard dinners) how many people will remember what they ate 6 months later?

If you buy the fanciest dress and the best Tuxedo’s, you will look FABULOUS in all your pictures, but many people now rent not only the Tuxedo’s, but also the gowns! It saves them money and, lets face it, it’s unlikely that you will ever wear that gown again.

When it comes to photographers, you will want to spend a large portion of your budget on getting one of the best! After all, those pictures will last a lifetime. If you don’t have a great photographer, you’re not going to get great pictures. So you don’t really want to skimp too much there. That wedding album is something you will keep out on your coffee table for a long time and guests from your wedding will want to see those pictures of you and them.

As far as videographers go, most couples watch their wedding video an average of 5-6 times with family and friends, so this can be an expensive cost for 5-6 viewings. Locations can have a wide variety of costs, ranging from free into the thousands. You need to balance this out also because saving money by having it outdoors at a park could also mean losing guests early on because of the weather and temperature. You don’t want them to leave early do you?

Finally, we come to entertainment. It’s almost always the last thing thought about and to often it’s the place where couples try to find a bargain. There is just one problem with that theory: 80% of the success of your event will depend on the entertainment!

That’s right. Think about it! If you don’t have any entertainment, then most of your guests will leave right after they eat. Conversely, if you didn’t have any food, but still had entertainment, most would probably stay for a while. You need both, but what kind of balance? Can your guests be happy with hors d’oeuvres and/or veggie platters? Actually most can! They will also be happy with just about any decent meal, which is why so much chicken is served at
weddings. They won’t care that much what the meal is as long as it tastes good and is filling.

You and your guests are there to CELEBRATE your marriage. To participate in it, to share that special day for you. Which is where entertainment plays a MAJOR role in providing you and your guests a happy, festive and fun time!

I have been to (and performed at) many weddings, and believe me, some have had some awful food, but with good entertainment they turned what could have been a bad meal into a fun time!

So why do so many couples want to spend such a small amount on entertainment? After all, that is what will ultimately make or break your event, right? We think nothing of spending £10-20 per person for food, but then we want to ‘shop around’ for the cheapest entertainment we can find, often spending less than 5% of the events costs.

Don’t you think it’s worth spending 10-20% on Entertainment if it makes up 80% of the time and, more importantly, the SUCCESS of your event? Of course it is.

Entertainment usually comes in two forms: Live bands or Disc Jockeys

Which should you choose? Well, that depends on you, some people like the ‘live’ sound, others prefer the sound of original artists (DJ music). There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and although I am a DJ/MC myself, I won’t address those issues here.

In either case, it’s important to keep in mind that there are good bands and bad bands, and there are good DJ’s and bad DJ’s. We have all heard the horror stories of having a bad DJ/Band and nobody wants bad entertainment. But like food, the quality often depends on the price! You can spend lots of money
(10-20%) to hire DJ ‘Filet’, or skimp (1-5%) and get DJ ‘MickeyD’. But remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most, and so you only get one chance to get it right.

So when trying to decide how much you can afford for entertainment, think about how much you can LOSE if your entertainment is poor or mediocre. Look for professionals and pay them what they are worth. After all, if you want the best, it will (and should) cost more, in the long run, they will provide more than a mediocre entertainer would.

Remember: “They’ll forget the food, but not the fun!”

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The Wedding disco is going to be a major factor in your reception’s ultimate success or inevitable failure. You’ve chosen the perfect venue, the food may be first class and your family and friends are there to celebrate with you.  But hire a mediocre DJ and that’s how your guests will remember your big day, just ok, not bad; and that isn’t how you want it remembered by anyone.

How Do You Make Sure You Get The Best Wedding Disco? First, be sure to book your DJ early. Why? Well, if you really do want the best, this isn’t something you can leave until the last minute, quality Wedding Djs are often booked at least a year in advance. You might be able to find a budget DJ a few weeks before your Wedding day but it’s one hell of a risk to take on something so important and you’ll be left with precisely the type of average DJ you don’t want.

You may want to meet with the DJ to discuss your Wedding Reception and make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted so you can relax on the day.

You can be assured that we put almost as much care and attention into our Wedding discos as you’re putting into your Wedding plans. Your wedding is obviously extremely important to you and your family and this is where our past experience gives us the edge over other DJs. 

When you book us to perform at your wedding reception, you’re getting a company with years of experience in the radio & entertainment industry. We’ve presented radio shows for Red Dragon FM in Cardiff, The Wave in Swansea, plus outside events for Valleys Radio, and Bro Radio in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Our basic package is the only package you’ll need. We provide;
Suitable music for whatever age group are present
Interactivity (upon request)
Interactive games & ice-breakers to help the night get off to the best possible start (upon request)
Up to 5 hours performance

If you’ll bear with me a little longer, I’d like to explain more fully exactly what you get when you book us for your Wedding Reception… After all I’m going to be asking you to part with your hard earned cash, I want you to be totally clear about what we’re offering in return, but more importantly, I want you to feel happy that we’re the best possible choice for you.

Planning Form
The Planning Form is there to help you supply us with important information about your Wedding Reception so that we can deliver a slick and seamless performance. this is especially important if you would like us to provide music to introduce the bridal party, provide music for specific events during the night, for example, special dances, cake cutting etc, or anything else that doesn’t necessarily fall within the disco performance itself. You can also specify how much you would prefer us to speak on the mic. How much audience interaction is very much a personal thing and we don’t want to spoil your night by doing either too much or too little.

Music And Requests
Your Own Choice Of Music
When you’re choosing the type of music you’d like to have played, it’s important to remember that there’s likely to be a wide variety of opinions as to what good music is. If you have chosen a number of songs that aren’t really the kind of music that is suitable to dance to, we will do our best to include these some time during the evening. We find that the first hour of most functions, the majority of people want to chat and relax, so we keep volume levels fairly low and this is where we can fit in some of those less dancey requests.

General Music Requests
During the disco, we make several announcements inviting you and your guests to come and ask for songs as well as distributing requests slips around the function room.

We always do our best to play requests, however it is almost inevitable that one or two people may be disappointed when their request isn’t played. This could be down to a simple lack of time, but it may also be due to the requests not being suitable for your Wedding Reception. some of the most recent rap and R & B music might contain material that may be considered offensive to some of your guests. At the end of the day it’s very much a judgement call on our part, we want to please as many people as possible but don’t want to ruin your night, or damage our reputation, by playing unsuitable or undanceable music.

So What Will Happen On Your Wedding Day
What happens on your Wedding day as far as the disco is concerned will very much depend on what we have discussed during the run up to the big day itself. It is in the nature of Weddings to not run exactly to time and we’re flexible enough to understand how to adapt to such changes.

However, to give you an idea of how a typical Wedding disco runs, if there is such a thing, here is a fairly standard format for one of our shows.

This assumes a performance time of 7.00 pm till midnight and that everything has run like clockwork so far…

DJs arrive between 6.00 pm and 6.30 pm. Don’t be alarmed if we turn up in jeans and t-shirts, lugging heavy equipment around and setting up is not a job to be done in tuxedos or smart clothes.
7.30 pm disco starts – this is the time when we place request slips on all tables for guests to fill in and hand to us. We would normally play fairly middle of the road music at a listenable but non-intrusive level while your evening guests arrive.
8.00 pm is the time we would try to get young children involved if you have any present. We understand that it’s probably been a long day and very young kids are probably pretty bored, so 30 minutes of music and activities for youngsters will more than likely be appreciated by the parents.
8.30 pm is about the time when most newlyweds prefer to have their first dance. This has usually given people enough time to arrive and have a drink and a bit of a natter. After the first dance, we invite other couples onto the dancefloor for a couple more slowies before we get the party started.
8.45 pm and it’s back to keeping the kids occupied, but we also try and get the mums and dads onto the floor until buffet time.
9.00 pm buffet time and the chance to play some of those less danceable requests I mentioned earlier.
9.30 pm and now it’s time to party! The kind of music we play will very much be dictated by the activity on the dancefloor and we’ve become extremely good at reading a crowd and adapt to suit the mood.
Midnight, disco ends and everyone goes home shattered and maybe even a bit drunk. Function Managers are normally very strict about finishing times so we’re not usually allowed to play past the agreed end time, even if the party is rocking.
Obviously, every Wedding function is different and we can easily alter the show’s content to reflect any overruns or change of plan, but I hope it gives you an idea of how we try and do something for everyone to ensure the success of your day.

Dinner Music
Let us provide suitable background music during your meal to create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and the perfect start to your Reception. Alternatively, you may wish us to play music that is designed to create an air of anticipation for the coming evening’s disco. Whatever your choice of music, rest assured the volume will be kept discretely in the background and only serves to make you and your guests feel at ease while you eat.

Make Sure Your Guest Speakers Are Heard
Use our sound system to ensure all speeches are heard by everyone. Speaking in public isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, and some have a tendency when nervous to not talk at their usual volume. This is where using our microphone and superb quality sound system comes into play. Every word will be heard without anyone having to shout.

What Does It All Cost
Ok, there’s no putting it off any longer, we’ve come to the nitty gritty…

It is estimated that the average Wedding costs £11,000 to organise and that less than 5% of that sum will be spent on the evening’s entertainment. And yet, it is the entertainment that is largely responsible for the success of your big day and the aspect most of your guests will remember more than any other.

So the entertainment isn’t something you should be cutting corners with — it will leave the party feeling very flat and reflect badly on you if you get a less than outstanding Wedding DJ. When you compare the disco against other Wedding services, even the most expensive Wedding DJs are an absolute bargain…

Wedding cake – £300 to £500
Food – £1,000 to £5,000 or higher
Photographer – £800 to £3,000
Flowers – anything from £500 upwards
And that’s not even mentioning the car hire, Dresses for the Bride, Bride’s Maids etc and all the other services that you’re paying out for.

So, when you look at the hard figures, baring in mind what your entertainment is going to bring to your Wedding day in terms of lasting memories, the DJ’s fee really should be up there with the photographer which is another vital part of your day.

Trust me, a Wedding cake doesn’t make a good entertainer and won’t get people dancing…

Book us for your Wedding disco and it will still cost you less than half than the price you’re likely to pay for the photographer.

In fact, based on a guest list of 100, the price for our Wedding disco package is less than £2.00 per head, and that’s even if you select all of the additional options!

How’s that for value!?